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The Cleaning Lady - Original

The Cleaning Lady - Original

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This mixed media artwork is a reconstruction of an antique postcard that was discovered in one of Paris's secret passages. (see embedded vlog). The piece brings to life a 19th century image of a cleaning lady in colonial India, infused with vibrant mixed media colors.

This piece connects several disparate people - the cleaning lady, the photographer, people who sent and received the postcard in Paris, me (the artist) and finally you the viewer. 

It is fascinating to consider that the subject of the picture could never have imagined her image being viewed and reimagined more than a century and a half later. A simple mundane day in her life and a perfect photograph inspired me to create a piece on this subject. It speaks to the power of moment when this picture was captured, which has travelled more then 150 years.

The cleaning lady appears to be working in the home of a wealthy family, with a pile of vases in front of her to clean. Her gaze is directed towards an unknown object or person, adding to the intriguing nature of the painting. What is she must be thinking? I can't think enough what must be occupying her mind in that moment that she is completely oblivious of the photographer.

I have taken liberty to reconstruct this piece using my own unique style and techniques, influenced by own artistic expression. 

This blog and attached vlog will tell you more about how and where I found the postcard in Paris.

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