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Our Next Event 

Hello Art lovers of OPRF! 

If you are looking to enjoy a delightful evening filled with Art, Wine and Music, without having to drive to the city, we are returning with our next event very soon!

Join us for a laid-back and enjoyable gathering on August 25, 2023, from 6:00 to 9:00 PM welcoming art gallery. Mark your calendar and we will soon send out more information on Facebook event. If you want to be invited. Drop your email in the mailbox. OR send an email on Satishfactory@icloud.com.

Event details

Sip and Savor:

Savor the taste of fine wine and indulge in a selection of delicious cheeses. The perfect pairing of art and wine awaits you, making it a truly delightful evening for your senses.

Enjoy Live Music:

Relax to the rhythm of live music playing in the background. Our talented musicians will set the mood and add to the enjoyment of the event.

 Welcome to SatishFactory Art Gallery! We're a contemporary private studio and gallery located in Oak Park, Illinois, showcasing the work of mixed media artist Satish Prabhu. Our gallery is open by appointment, and we're always excited to welcome visitors and share our passion for contemporary art.

Regular Opening Hours.

Contact information and Hours

  • Location : 415 N Marion street. Oak Park IL, 
    • 4 to 6 PM (Tue through Fri) 
    • 11 to 5 Saturday
  • Call 773-896-6606 or email SatishFactory@icloud.com 


 Satish Prabhu's artwork is inspired by his travels to different continents and influenced by his experiences in places like Colmar, Paris, and Mumbai. His unique blend of mixed media techniques, collages, and storytelling techniques create vibrantly colored and captivating works of art that are sure to leave an impression.

 Our online store features a variety of prints, original artwork, and merchandise, all showcasing Satish Prabhu's distinctive style. And for those looking to start or add to their art collection, we offer a personalized experience to help find the perfect piece to fit your taste and budget.      

  Whether you're an artist or an art lover, we encourage you to connect with us and explore the opportunities we offer. Visit out website to make an appointment. We invite you to explore our online store, schedule a private viewing at our gallery, or connect with us to learn more about our upcoming events and exhibitions.

Website : SatishFactory.com