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Montmarte Original (36 X36)

Montmarte Original (36 X36)

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'Montmartre' is a mesmerizing 36x36" mixed media masterpiece that vividly captures the essence of Paris in late Fall, inspired by the artist's stay in the city during 2022. The painting is a part of the series that explores the influence of renowned artists Matisse and Diebenkorn on the artist's work, while also experimenting with unique subjects in a collaborative spirit.

The artist has skillfully infused the painting with diverse motifs that effortlessly transport the viewer to the enchanting city of Paris. The colors are crisp, and the atmosphere is imbued with a sense of tranquility, as if the tourists have left and the city is at peace with itself.

As you gaze through the window of the painting, the famous Rue De L'abreuvoir in Montmartre, Paris comes into view, while the inside of the room is adorned with abstract objects and other motifs that evoke the charm of the city. The painting beautifully captures the spirit of the artists who have roamed these streets before, inviting you to walk in their footsteps and appreciate the stories that have inspired generations of creatives.

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