Discover this amazing art store in Marais Paris.

Discover this amazing art store in Marais Paris.

This is my second article about discovering art stores in secret passage ways in Paris. In this blog I am bringing to you a little bit of Japan in Paris. Yes, this unique store in yet another passageway located in  Marais, the historic district of Paris, steps away from Muse de Pompadour. It is located inside 'Passage Moliere' which has opened only this year. Although this store is a new kid on the block, it has a lot of character and I hope you will love this discovery.

It was a rainy evening (Really !!) and I had just picked up my take out dinner waiting for rain to stop tucked inside little doorway of a building shelter. That's when I my attention was drawn to this brightly lit store at the corner of the passageway called ' Papier Japonais'.

The store was closed at the time, but I could see all the Japanese papers arranged beautifully and I knew what I was doing the next day.




The next day, I stopped there on my way back from Pompadour and was greeted by lovely owner MiSAKi iiNUMA.

She spoke English which made my life so much easier. She is Japanese and she buys her hand-printed papers from Japan and brings to Paris.

She had just opened the lovely store only three months ago and it looked very impressive establishment for a one woman enterprise. Everything was arranged very meticulously. It is the first store on a passage and hence has the advantage of two glass display. It is hard to miss.

The rolled papers are arranged on two racks vertically. The print is traditionally Japanese. The best part is that she sells these paper in three different sizes so you can buy variety of paper in small sizes.

On the table, there were small plastic pouches with assorted papers from left over rolls. I saw a constant traffic of people coming in and out during my short stay.

I hope you will love this gem and let me know what you think about it.

Here is a little video of the store. Enjoy!

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