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Creative Connections -Spring of 2023




"Creative Connections" is a unique art exhibition that showcases the work of three talented artists with diverse perspectives and approaches to their craft. The exhibition brings together the work of René Arceo, a printmaker from Chicago, Satish Prabhu, a mixed media artist, and Phyllis Frick, a papier-mâché sculptor. The show will take place on May 13th in Oak Park, Illinois, just a block away from the famous Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio.

 The exhibition explores the theme of creative connections, highlighting the ways in which the artists' work intersects and influences one another. Each artist brings their unique experiences and techniques to the show, resulting in a dynamic and thought-provoking collection of works.

René Arceo's prints draw inspiration from the Mexican School of Art and European masters like Francisco Goya and Kathe Kollwitz. His work reflects a deep connection to his cultural roots and explores themes of identity and social justice.

Satish Prabhu's abstract mixed media artworks incorporate a wide range of papers and colors, evoking the energy and vitality of the places he has traveled to. His work is a celebration of the beauty and diversity of the world around us, and invites the viewer to join him on a journey of discovery and exploration.

Phyllis Frick's papier-mâché sculptures are whimsical and playful, with a touch of humor and a based on human figures. Art has been Phyllis Frick’s passion her entire life. After 20 years of being a pharmacist and ten years owning a business, Phyllis has finally circled back to where she always wanted to be. She is currently studying for a drawing certificate at the School of the Art Institute, showing work at local galleries and teaching children art classes.


Together, these artists represent a powerful example of the connections that can be forged through the creative process. Their work speaks to the power of art to transcend boundaries and bring people together, offering a glimpse into the unique and personal journeys of three talented artists.

In conclusion, "Creative Connections" promises to be a truly remarkable exhibition, bringing together three diverse artists who share a passion for creating art that speaks to the human experience. Their work reflects the rich and vibrant culture of Oak Park, and is sure to inspire and delight viewers of all ages and backgrounds.

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Joe Celine

Lovely exhibition!!


Beautiful collection! Such a great addition to the neighborhood.


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